My crafts

Hello, folks…

Today, let us talk about some crafts I have been working on and the use of social media with it. I use a lot of the Internet for ideas, and I have decided to look into Pinterest and YouTube for some ideas in beading and crafts.

Pinterest has so many tutorials flowing through it. Do I understand pinning? No, I just don’t understand all that, but I like being able to see ideas. It makes creativity flow freely and lets you come up with ideas you can use.  However, YouTube is my favorite because I can see how to make and create things and slow down and try it myself. I hope that can attach some pictures of some of my crafts to show you all soon.

What I found on YouTube was a great series called Bhooked Crochet. I haven’t finished the entire series yet, but it made me want to start crocheting. My grandmother use to crochet and I still have many of her Afghans. Those are lasting heirlooms that mean so much to me. I also think it is a great way to make gifts. I’ve really enjoyed the series on Bhooked, and it allowed you to take your time in learning basic techniques.  I think that social media has been great for  the business industry because it allows consumers to gain a bigger perspective on them. Plus, I found that it also can create inspiration for you, the crafter, in order to build your own business.

Next time, I think I’ll show you a couple of my crocheting projects and where I got the patterns. Then we’ll go for the beading I like to do. Then paper crafts.  Then we’ll look into some beauty products and other stuff along with that. Oh did I mention I like figuring out the latest ways to get free products, plus make some extra moo-laa (aka cash)? I also love to organize things and like to travel. I mean Cruise Ship Traveling. And so much more to come!!! So this blog is full of fun!!!

See ya next time!!!


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