How to understand crocheting

Hi everyone… Today we are going to talk about crocheting and what all those symbols mean. I’m enclosing a video where I explain most of it. For now though I want to share some sites with you as you take this journey with me through crafting. 🙂

First of all, what are those symbols and what does yarn weight mean? Well… Each symbol is important because it is the care of the material to make it last a long time. The weight varies from thin yarn, almost thread like, to bulky yarn that cats love to play with (Cats love the strings, so watch out when working around them. They’ll want to chew it) Anyway these sites below will give you ideas on the symbols and weights.

I’m a beginner at this so this is not something I fully understand, but what I know is that I’ve been enjoying making things and sharing them with everyone.

Here are the sites I found in my searches on yarn weight and the yarn care symbols:

Yarn weight explained here.

Yarn symbols you can read at these two sites: 1. and 2. The second link goes to my new found favorite site Craftsy. A definite go to if your the crafty type.

Now take the time to watch my video where I explain a few things on the yarn labels and some different crochet hooks I have where I recommend to find supplies.

Happy viewing!!! Until next time, see ya!!!


3 thoughts on “How to understand crocheting

  1. Not sure if this is an error on my part, but the video link from your last post pointed to a lip syncing contest between Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, and Kevin Hart. Very amusing, but not what you wanted to post, I assume.

    I’m really enjoying your posts. I never knew about the yarn care instruction symbols and the different weights of yarns and sizes of crochet hooks. I checked out the symbols to see if I could understand them without a lot of explanation. Some are intuitive, once you’ve seen the explanation. Others may be a bit harder to remember. Very interesting. I look forward to seeing the crafts you are working on.


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