My crocheting projects

Howdy, everyone on this frigid February day.  Winter never seems to end on the East Coast this year, however, that allows crafters to have plenty of time indoors for inspiring creations.

Today, I’m posting a video here about some projects I’ve completed. This will be one of the last ones for the time being about crocheting. I’ve done a lot of it right now and feel I need to turn my direction towards beading. I’m in the process of creating a really cool bracelet or necklace, but that’s for next weeks post.

In the video I show you a bag I created. I love the bag. I can sling it over my head and go out shopping with it. I can stuff my purse in it or gloves right now. 🙂 Best part? I can hand wash it or throw in in the washer on a gentle cycle and use it again, and again. Although I can put it in the dryer, I was a little nervous about that since the flower and petals stick out of the bag. I’ve hand sewn all the things you see on the bag. I don’t consider myself a sewer, but it wasn’t half bad. I would like it a little tighter though.

I found the pattern for the bag one day last summer when I was in Hobby Lobby. The bag was a little different from the picture but the idea was great. For an added touch I decided to use a flower I made back a few months ago. Since the flower seemed a little lonely I decided it need petals. I’ve gotten many different comments about the petals. When you see it in the video tell me if you think the petals need to be smaller or are just right.  I quickly did a YouTube video to learn the petals. 🙂 Best part about YouTube is learning.

The second project you’ll see in the video is my ipod touch/phone case. It’s pretty nice, but I can’t say I love it. It’s slightly bulky to be putting in a pocket. 😦 The yarn I’m using for this project was Castle Rock from Crafter’s Secret. I like the baby blues and greens in the yarn. I also  like the fact that the yarn has multiple colors laced through it. That is easier than changing colors every 10 seconds.

That’s about it for this weeks post. I hope you all enjoy the video and feel free to leave comments I’m always open to ideas.

Have a great day! Until next time… CYA later! ❤


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