Beading Project-The spiral stitch

Hi, everyone. Another blustery day in New England. Winter never seems to end this year and keeps you on your toes.

In today’s included video we are going to talk about the Spiral Stitch I’m working on. This is a great easy stitch to do and work with. It takes a while, but if you are are patient it becomes quiet fun. I’ve made several kinds. This particular pattern I was actually gifted. My sister gave me a kit to for Christmas one year. (Really great present for any beginner or serious crafter like myself.) The kit came from Walmart.

I’m not showing you the part where I struggle to get that thread through that needle I’m using. There are pros and cons to the beading needles. Pro: They are great to get through beads no matter how many times you go through the beads. Con: They drive you crazy to thread, because the eye whole is so small. I’m still looking for ways to make it easier to thread. I have used a product called Thread Heaven to condition the thread. It worked alright, but didn’t make the end of the thread solid it still frayed as you can see in the video.

I hope you enjoy watching this video. Please leave any comments below. 🙂

Next time I’m going to show you an easier way to peyote stitch.

Have a great day and keep warm!!

CYA then!!!


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