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The “Easy” Peyote Stitch

Hi, everyone. Gabby here for another edition of crafting. 😀

Today, I want to mention a product I got from Amazon that has been a life saver in making a peyote stitch. It is a from ALEX brand and it is a bead loom. I love the loom. It is so much easier to make the peyote stitch. It gets tricky at times and took me a while to figure it out, but once I have, I really like the loom. 🙂

The box comes with everything you need to make several bracelets. The instructions only explain how to do a bracelet, which it says on the box make rings and all types of things. So that was a downer, however, I really enjoyed how it works. You got to take a little time setting the entire thing up, and figuring out a pattern. I like the beads that come in the kit. The mix is really a Native American mix and they are 8/0 beads (you must use 8/0; any smaller they won’t work in the loom). I think the beads could be better, but they are really good for cheaper beads. If you were seriously doing this I would probably go to Prima bead, Artbeads, Bellomodo, or Fusion beads to find a good bag of Tohos. You want really good beads to make the bracelet look awesome. 🙂 The best part about the loom is you won’t become crooked, whereas doing it the hard way can become crooked in the stitching.

If you have never seen or are curious in how this loom works, I recommend watching my video. I hope you enjoy it.

We’ll cover the “hard” peyote stitch in the next entry. 🙂

Feel free to leave comments below if you are interested…

Have a great day and we’ll talk about more crafting ideas soon.


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