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Some easy origami crafts from Martha Stewart

Hi, folks.. I hope you had a great Easter and enjoying the kick off to spring. I believe it may be coming, despite the snow showers I’ve been seeing… Any way I wanted to share with you an idea I saw from this month’s Martha Stewart Living Magazine… This will be a great way to sit your colored eggs on the table or a candle egg like below..

Com’ on go get some paper… I’ve used origami paper, which is very thin and pliable. But you can use all kinds. Cut out a 4×4 square. Make sure it is even… And check out my video

Origami is an awesome art form that the Japanese started many years ago. (I’m actually a 1/4 Japanese; my grandmother lived in Nagasaki when the A-bomb fell. She liked to make the cranes). Everyone knows the crane, so I get tried of showing that, but I can make flowers and other awesome things like I’ve shown you in the video. Cranes symbolize peace. Japanese legend has it that if you make 1,000 cranes the person will be healed and have a long life. The most fun is that as long as it is a square you can make these 3-D shapes any size. I like trying to fold the objects tiny just to impress people. 🙂 There are also Chinese forms of Origami. I’ll show you this awesome kit here I got for Christmas. It’s a lot of fun… After a few times of these tutorials I’ll show you the way to make paper beads. 🙂 I just love to make things as you can tell…

Martha Stewart's Easy egg holder origami pattern...

Martha Stewart’s Easy egg holder origami pattern…

Below is the diagram from the magazine… I hope you enjoyed watching today’s crafting video… You know it is so much fun to fold paper and make awesome things to share with all of you.. 🙂


Martha Stewart Living. Page 32. April 2015 Issue


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