Haven’t forgotten you all!!!!

Hi, everyone… I’m sorry for now updates or posts this week… I’ll be getting back to it soon.  It’s been a busy week with my birthday and trying to wrap up a couple of courses for college.

I’m sure to get back to you on the origami crafts real soon!!! Look for a new post coming up later this week or early next week!!! I’m off to start my crafting projects  for the summer and I can’t wait to show you all what I got at Hobby Lobby this week. 🙂 I always enjoy looking at the craft stores. I spent a little too much this week because it was my birthday so I’m going to have to get back the grind for survey moneys, I’m working on them as I speak. Got a beverage survey for $4 to finish. 🙂

If you want to tell me about your crafts or have comments for a beading or crochet idea drop a line below in the comments…

Stay Tuned there is more coming!!! Just hang in there!!!

As always enjoy what you do and keep on being creative… 🙂

Hearts to you all… ❤ ❤


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