3-D rose, Crafting, origami, paper folding

The origami rose– 3-D folds

Howdy, folks. Wow!! Time flies, doesn’t it?   I think Spring is coming, but it is getting to a slow start…

Today I want to show you how to make an origami rose. This particular rose is my favorite, because it looks so real.  It isn’t that hard to do. I’m posting the video below for you all below. I thought you’d all like to see how to make this flat piece of paper into a 3D flower. It’s pretty cool, and if you get good at it you can make the roses in any color paper…

So click play below… I thought I better tell you. My video is about 10 minutes long, but in that 10 minutes you’ll have the same object. 🙂 Sorry if I talk and sometimes, you can’t see what I’m doing… When I’m struggling I usually have to pull it closer to me… I’m nearsighted obviously..

I hope you enjoyed my video. If you like what you see please follow me here, and on Twitter at @lovebird122107… I’m looking for decent followers so please do that for me… 🙂 I thank you for watching my video and being a “friend” of Gabby’s crafts.

Hearts to all and thanks for stopping by… Stay tuned for more awesome craft projects.. 🙂

CYA soon!!! 😀

Origami heart-Final product... :-) Pretty awesome right?! :-) Totally..

Origami rose-Final product… 🙂 Pretty awesome right?! 🙂 Totally..


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