reason to blog

Why I do my blogs?

Hi, folks… You probably have seen most of my blogs if you look closely at my sites here on WordPress. You can tell I have an eclectic sense of style and more. 🙂 I’m creative and always trying to figure out a way to make money to break even. Or trying out the latest beauty product or freebie I’ve gotten. People never forget me when they see me. I make a ton of people smile on the street or in stores.

If you’ve followed this blog since the beginning, you know I started this as a school project. Now I run 5 or at least trying too. 🙂 lol However, there’s more to this story.  I’ll tell you why I do my blogs. It gives me a reason to be living. I was homeschooled all my elementary, junior, and high school career. I didn’t go out much nor did I want to hang out with anyone. I was very self disciplined and independent. I went to cosmetology school, believing maybe I’d find new friends and people to keep in touch, but that flopped on me.  I then have studied all my college career online. I’ve tried a few things and talked to a few people. I have one “real” friend, however, he gets upset with me often for showing him too much “love.” I’m a giving person, and sometimes I guess that becomes too much for others.

Now I’m trying to set up a business, but I don’t have any people to get the word out. It becomes a struggle. My blog presence helps immensely in this area. The sad part is it makes you regret how God has made you. However, on the bright side I’m very independent and know probably more than the normal person. I believe that I can use the skills God has been so kind to give me, to help people find something about themselves. So many millennials struggle out there like I do, but it is because they weren’t prepared for the real world at all. Some struggle but won’t admit it. High school counselors didn’t help. College has become a glorified High School and advisers don’t guide you there either. It’s really sad to say that, but I’m seeing it.

Hence the reason I have made this blog and others, is really probably deep down a sense of belonging. My blogs are cool and are a expression of myself.

I thank you for all who follow me… I hope you enjoy my crafts… 🙂 Check out my other blogs too when you get a chance.. 🙂


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