Ethics of this Blog

Social Media Ethics

Like everything in the world and life each work or part of a work belongs to another author or source. They deserve the credit because they published the facts and they need the credit when we use it. I plan to always give credit where due in all my blogs, posts, and uploads.

In distinguishing my ideas from others, I will use quotation marks and subtext numbers for reference. Below my work I will have a section entitled, References, in which  I’ll have a list of sources I have used giving credit to where the information came from. However, there are limitations to this, and not everything will need to be credited. This is through open source media content.

I have decided for my videos and/or posts I will use open source media. I have found various sites that will possess downloadable content that is copyright and royalty free material. This will be useful  material as we move on in our journey through social media.  Some sites I already have found are Free-play and YouTube that offer royalty free content.

Lastly, in order to protect my self and other. I suggest reading privacy policies in order to understand where the information will go. Many sites sell information from your blog and posts. Nevertheless, unless you have permission from the original author DO NOT take credit for the information. Also give warning message on your page on how the information will be used by the third party. Furthermore, read the small print when you sign up for a service. Never give out credit card numbers or your Social Security number. If those things are required, run away from that site.

In conclusion, if you follow these ethical ideas, your time on social media can be a pleasant experience. This is what I plan to do and I hope you do too.- See you on the web!!!

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